Evolution of LHD Reporting

CARSAMMA, in June 2021, started the modernization of the LHD data collection process, through the Digitization of Form F4.

The LHD report is intended to report any occurrence or vertical deviation of altitude greater than or equal to 300 feet in RVSM airspace. The most common occurrences subject to LHD reporting are: inadequate transfer of traffic between adjacent FIR (Flight Information Region), inadvertent ascents or descents, uncoordinated weather deviations, Resolution Warnings (TCAS) and others.

The modernization of this form will involve simplifying processes, improving the capture of errors made in RVSM airspace, integrating data, creating indicators and dashboards, increasing productivity, quality of information and, above all, improving combat strategies collision, directly contributing to the increase in the Operational Safety of the RVSM Airspace.

Área de Atuação

The manual form containing 22 fields has been restructured and optimized for the digital form, which now contains only 13 fields.