CARSAMMA has already started coordination with CISCEA for the purpose of training the workforce to calculate the ASE through satellite data obtained from the ADS-B provided by the company AIREON. An ADS-B certified aircraft may have its height maintained in the RVSM Airspace monitored, as is already the case with the USA, China, Thailand and Australia, as shown below.

Área de Atuação

Countries that already use data obtained from ADS-B for
determine the Altimetric System Error (ASE) of an aircraft.

This collaboration will expedite the certification of aircraft to fly in the RVSM Airspace, since, with the data provided by AIREON in partnership with CISCEA, ATECH and CGNA, CARSAMMA will be able to issue the aircraft’s ASE Letter without the need for it to make a special monitoring flight, which will optimize the time spent in the process and save aircraft owners. In some countries such as the USA, the aircraft is only ADS-B certified to fly in its RVSM Airspace.

Currently, the ASE of all aircraft in the South American and Caribbean Regions is calculated at CARSAMMA’s Altimetry Laboratory, based on data obtained from a Monitoring Flight and meteorological conditions. This Monitoring flight is carried out by a specialized company that has no relationship with CARSAMMA. This entire process takes about 15 days.

It is expected that this year CARSAMMA will have at least 03 members trained for this activity.