RVSM Approval Status Audit

It is a process of verifying, collecting, consolidating, processing and making available information from the records of aircraft approved for operations in the RVSM Airspace. It is a work carried out monthly and aims at Operational Safety, since the objective is to verify and share, with other Monitoring Agencies in the world, the aircraft that flew in the RVSM Airspace without the proper RVSM approval in this Airspace.

If any aircraft is identified as non-approved, CARSAMMA contacts the Civil Aviation Authority of the corresponding region, which, in turn, checks whether the aircraft really does not have approval or, if there is documentation with the proper approval, the Authority sends the official document to CARSAMMA, which updates its database with the information received.

In case it is noticed that an aircraft used this special Airspace without the proper RVSM certification, this information is shared with the corresponding State Civil Aviation Authority to resolve this discrepancy and update the database, if applicable.

Área de Atuação

F2 is the document provided by the Civil Aviation Authorities of each State that authorizes the aircraft to fly in the RVSM Airspace.